E43 Earthquake One Man Auger Head

The XtremepowerUS Post Hole Digger gives you plenty of power to efficiently dig and bore through holes for decks, fence posts, tree planting and more. It features a powerful 2-stroke 55cc gasoline engine enabling drilling of multiple holes in quick succession. Designed to be lightweight and easy-to-use to reduce the working strength of operator to the greatest extent. Engineered with a manual recoil start easy fuel delivery system that allows for a quick-pull start action and the built-in translucent fuel tank lets you easily keep track of the proper fuel level. The ergonomic design incorporates a die-cast metal handlebar construction with easy-to-grip finger throttle control ensuring enhanced power and speed control at your fingertips. Equipped with a 10 in. earth auger bit that can speed up to a maximum of 170 RPM to handle the toughest of jobs!

  • Powerful 2-stroke 55cc gasoline engine enables drilling of multiple holes in quick succession
  • Heavy duty 10 in. die-cast metal auger bit can rip and shred through soft soils and clay like butter
  • Convenient built-in translucent fuel tank lets you easily check when you need to refill
  • Steel jobsite handlebar frame provides secure protection for the engine against damages
  • XtremepowerUS post hole diggers are made adaptable with most standard auger bits with shaft size of 3/4 in.
  • Simply choose the right size and type of auger bit to meet your requirements for the toughest jobs
  • Our XtremepowerUS selection of bits are available in a variety of sizes and types from 4 in., 6 in., 8 in., 10 in., and 12 in. to meet job requirements
  • Product model numberE43
    Serial Number#026653-09410-081417-0387
    Powered By50:1 Mix
    Minimum Time3 Hours
    Item #86
    NameE43 Earthquake One Man Auger Head


    $6.00 per hour
    $33.00 per day
    $100.00 per week
    Reserve : 3 Hr. Min.
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